Back in 2016 I had been listening to podcasts for a while, motivational videos, and reading blogs and books about personal development, a common theme I kept hearing was that the most successful people have coaches. It was a theme I could no longer deny and said, “well if they have one then I MUST get one.”

I cannot tell you what was the defining moment that led me to say. I need to pay for a life coach, but I got a roommate and allocated that money to pay for Gabriela.  She was worth every penny!

Experience a Life Coach

I loved having a coach! She was a little softer than I wanted, but that’s because I’m a bitch and she was so sweet. But I loved her. I interviewed a few others I found on noomii, one of which spent an hour talking about herself…NEXT.   I found so much value from my free consultation with Gabriela that I knew she was right for me.

During our coaching sessions, we discussed my two most pressing goals: Finding love and making a career change. We would alternate talking about each and designing action steps.  Be sure to read my post about having a big vision and taking little steps to see this in action.

The best part was that because I knew Gabriela would ask me if I took the steps we agreed upon the week before, I was focused on making sure I did. The added fact that I was paying this woman hundreds of dollars every month really helped light a fire under my butt too.

I loved the clarity around the process by which we were goal setting, many of the strategies I share with you. And I loved that my coach was a nonjudgmental person that I could be completely honest with, somewhat like a therapist. It was so freeing to say things that I had only thought and once I recall her questions leading me to say something out loud that I didn’t even realize I felt. I guess subconsciously I was also repressing thoughts. Best of all, Gabriela’s coaching propelled me to make huge leaps in the direction of my goals. Having a coach gave me a major push towards achieving my goals and I want to encourage you to get a partner of your own.

A coaching call requires about 1 to 1.5 hours of your time a week. It is well worth it.


Can’t Afford a Coach, Get a Partner

While I had to say goodbye to coaching when my roommate moved out, I knew I couldn’t say goodbye to having an accountability partner.  It took a while for me to make progress after no longer being formally coached. I asked my cousins and aunts to help me stay on track with my goals, but it was me reminding them of our check-in dates and they always seemed too busy.  It was frustrating,  But at the end of the day, it was me who wanted to meet these goals, they weren’t invested in any way. They were not getting paid, they were not receiving something in exchange, therefore, me achieving these goals just wasn’t at the top of their priority list. I wasn’t even upset because as humans we really consume ourselves with our own lives. Needless to say, there wasn’t much progress made during those few months.

Finally, I began to think of all of my resources: an activity I did with Gabriela that outlined people and tools that would help me reach my goals. I thought about who was most like me in their driven focus towards goals. Who could act as my accountability partner and I as theirs? Finally, I called a good friend of mine that always seems to be getting promoted or getting a raise. I asked her to help me by incorporating a weekly check-in to our already pretty regular calls. We agreed Monday’s would work best for her and also allow me to reflect on the week prior and set goals before our chats. While I had to be more self-directed in designing activities for myself, it helped to have someone other than an app to check-in with.

A coach or accountability partner is an invaluable part of achieving success. They help to motivate you, question your choices, and add pressure when needed. So your choice- coach or friend, but it helps to have someone to be accountable to when working towards a goal.

Who will support you?

Moving forward: How much does it mean to you to achieve these goals? Are you in a finical position to hire a coach? Remember the greatest in their fields have someone that’s guiding them. Reevaluate your priorities and if you are financially capable don’t question it anymore and get one! You can find Grabriela DelaRosa Garza at Heart + Animo Coaching, on Facebook as @heartplusanimocoaching. If you can’t afford it right now, who can be your accountability partner? Who is successful in the area you want to grow in? Who is consistent and keeps their word? Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. We all have resources to help us reach our goals faster- start reaching out and get the help you need to have those goals realized sooner.

Why You Need a Coach or Accountability Partner
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