I sat at the dinner table with my aunt, uncle, and their seven-year-old son Marcos.  Somehow the conversation was centered on savings.  Marcos was asked, “So, what are you going to do with all the money in your piggy bank?”  With complete confidence and sincerity, he quickly replied, “Buy a boat.”  He responded without looking up from the I pad that was in his hands and was completely unaware as to why we all chuckled. I said, “That’s a great idea, I don’t know why I never thought to get myself one.  I’ll be adding that to the vision board.”

Why is it that as we get older we stop dreaming about things that excite us? Why do we make our desires smaller and say that we would be happy with a lot less than what we would have originally asked for as a child? When did we learn to just settle? Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means saying to not appreciate what we do have.  Rather I am asking why we stopped having grand dreams and visions for ourselves and the lives we live.

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Think about it, when you were seven did you want to be where you are now?  Did you become what you said you wanted to become? Do you live in the kind of house you drew on construction paper in school? Do you take on the adventurous activities you couldn’t wait to be old enough to partake in?

My guess is that you probably don’t.  While we may have changed what we hoped to be when we grew up several times between adolescence and adulthood, some of those real qualities that we wanted our lives to be defined by are lacking.  Somewhere along the way, we allowed our current reality to dictate where we would work, live, and hobbies we would take on. In accepting this reality, we allowed the dreams of the lifestyle we once truly desired to become “unrealistic.”

What does that even mean? How unrealistic is it to have the life you dreamed of? Doesn’t someone live that life, do those things, visit those places, or have that amount of wealth?  If someone else did it, then is it really unrealistic?

I want to encourage you to go back to dreaming big and really believing that you can live out these dreams within this lifetime.  If you have a big vision and take little steps each day, you will get there.  I once heard Tony Robins say, “Life will pay the price you ask of it.”  So what are you going to ask for?

Moving Forward: Write down what your dream life would look like in 5 years.  Think about the work you are doing, where you are living, and who you’re spending time with.  Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG!


Why Did We Stop Dreaming BIG?
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