Looking back one year…oh, how we have grown.

It was one year ago today that I pressed publish on my first blog post. I cannot tell you how nervous I was. Even greater than the nerves was my level of excitement. I had finally taken the first baby step and acted on an inspired thought I had TWO YEARS PRIOR.

Two years ago the thought of an app that would serve as a supportive community for those on a journey for more out of life, woke me up at 5 am. This app would be a source of encouragement, a place where people could build a virtual top five group they would maintain regular contact with, there would be an annual contest where membership fees would be used to fund someone’s dream and for almost two years I said nothing about it.
It wasn’t until I finally uttered my desire to my life coach that she suggested I start a blog.

On April 30th it was official, the Living Out Goals website had its first piece of content. While it was far from the community I envisioned and lacked everything I said I wanted…primarily people, it was finally real. I had done something to take it from a dream in my head to something tangible.

The next few months would prove to be challenging. While the desire to continue to write and share my story in hopes of inspiring others was very present, the time to work on it was scarce. Thus, progress was VERY slow, but I kept moving forward. I continued to put myself out there for the world to judge. Was my writing even good? Did anyone care about what I had to say? Will there ever be anyone other than my family on my email list? I cannot tell you how many times I made changes to my website. That was a serious test of patience, but I did it.

I made it one year as a blogger! And by no means did I make it on my own. I have so many people to thank. From my sister-in-law that supported me way beyond what I would have ever expected by critiquing my website and making my logo, my cousin for reading each post and providing feedback, to friends that gave encouraging words that kept me going, an established influencer who shared her story and gave me tips, and everyone that gave of their time and attention to like, comment, and share my work. It has been an amazing journey that has led the Living Out Goals brand to grow into a Meetup group with over 500 members and a Facebook group with over 100 participants.

While I could complain that my goal was to hit 1,000 subscribers within the first year, I can honestly say I am extremely proud of the progress I made despite my slow pace. Remember, I hadn’t even uttered a word of my vision to anyone for almost two years and was super inconsistent with my writing. So the fact that anyone even knows about Living Out Goals was a huge step in the right direction.

As I continue to work on Living Out Goals and the Living Out Goals Together Facebook Group, I gain clarity on what direction I want to move towards. I enjoy blogging but know that it is not my main focus. My ultimate goal is to impact women to believe in themselves again. I am most excited about the relationships I have developed with the women in my tribe and the fact that I have created a space for them to foster relationships with each other.

So much can happen in a year and I eagerly await to see what I will be celebrating after year two.  Each day I am exposed to what others are doing and begin expanding my vision of what is possible.

While I had no idea how I would eventually turn my one blog post into a community and app etc. it was that little step of writing the first blog post that served to get me started. Taking that one step allowed me to align with good fortune and be in a position to step up to host live events and lead groups of women on this journey.

I encourage you to be honest with yourself about what lights up your heart. Don’t shy away from your calling because you feel inadequate, don’t know where to begin, or worry what others will say. Your job is to simply take the first smallest action possible and keep taking action. You too will look back a year from now and be amazed at how far you have come.

Moving Forward: In the comments below, write your grand vision and the one little step you will take today to begin moving in that direction. Remember to join the tribe within Living Out Goals Together Facebook Group.

What is Possible in 365 Days?

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