Read what my clients are saying about working with me one on one.

Learning My Worth

I’ve learned so much from this woman! It began with her showing me how to clearly communicate my ideas which helped me land a promotion. She then taught me how to have difficult conversations when work was taking over my life. I will never forget one particular coaching call we had.  I was stressed from work and felt my job was on the line and started crying.  I felt trapped, discouraged and like I had no voice.  I felt like I  had to do the things they said I had to do but Jen questioned why I was so adamant.  Jen’s coaching reminded me of my worth. She showed me that I can do better and that I had more power than I thought.  Since then I started my own company and I’m being pursued by big businesses like Scholastic! I know it has everything to do with the words Jen’s spoken to me.  I’m no longer bringing work home and make spending time with my husband a priority. Even my coworkers say I’m “so free” now. I no longer let anyone steal my joy. 

– Jessica J.
Confidently Making Changes

I came to Jen because I felt like I needed support with having difficult conversations at work. But what I got was so much more. Watching Jen chase after her goals made me aware of areas I wanted to grow in and needed accountability to work towards. Knowing what you want and only accepting that which aligns to that was a shift in mindset on how I was living beforehand. Working with her taught me to speak with confidence and be selective with who I spend my time. I dropped people that needed to be dropped and gained the right kind of people that would support the changes I was making. Jen also helped me become open to stepping into new experiences and pursuing things I want to do.  I am currently taking acting classes which is a passion of mine that I ignored for so long.  I’m so happy with the changes I’ve made but upset it took this long to realize that I deserve to enjoy this life I have been given.

-Stefanie C.
Beyond Just Mommy

Prior to working with Jeneffer, my life was always about my husband or child;  I sacrificed anytime I had for them. I didn’t do anything for me.  Jeneffer motivated me to be creative and come out of my comfort zone, encouraging me to grow, to be more mindful of me, not just my role as a wife and mother.  She helped me get clear on what I wanted my life to look like and that has manifested into an increase in pay, vacationing in Hawaii and meaningful time with family.  I can now say I take care of myself and have a life outside of my home. I make time to have “zen” moments and do creative activities. I thank her for bringing out the subconscious thoughts that made me feel like I could not do these things and making me strive for more.

– Clarissa M.
Consistently Improving

I have known Jen for many years and can say she’s a real “goal getter.” In watching how she takes charge of her professional growth, goes after big goals and connects with others, it’s hard not to be inspired. I knew I wanted to mimic that within myself, so I joined her community.

I really, really love the supportive Facebook group. It serves as a reminder to get my shit together, stay positive because no matter what my goal is I can achieve it. Jen delivers true value in her resources and live sessions, but it’s not only the tools that she’s sharing, it’s her story and that of her clients which makes me feel like she’s just like me and if she can do it, I can do it too.

After working with Jen one on one, I became more intentional when thinking about my goals and the life I want to have. I maintained consistency in working out, reaching my financial goals, and in taking the steps to grow my freelancing business. I had someone that held me accountable which pushed me to want to continue and succeed. Now I see myself constantly working on me because it’s always at the front of my mind.

– Melody D.
Finding Understanding

After one coaching call with Jeneffer, I knew I found someone who understood me. Her persistence in having honest conversations changed my view on my marriage, friendships, and work life. She was great about hearing me out and giving sound advice. At times I felt lost and confused and having her coaching helped me through those difficult moments. Physically and emotionally she allowed me to be a better version of myself and I am forever grateful. 

– Sara P.
Gaining Confidence and Accountability

I had several goals I wanted to achieve but didn’t have the confidence to start or an efficient process to follow through on them. In addition, I was in a very difficult season and lacked inner strength and confidence. I received a referral from a friend to talk to Jeneffer.  And that was one of the best decisions I could have made. She’s proven to be a powerful teacher, motivator, and an inspiring coach.  Through her counsel, Jeneffer has helped me to improve my productivity, self-confidence, and self-accountability.  Step by step, I’ve quickly achieved goals that previously took me months and years just thinking about them.  She’s been a blessing and friend – and it’s truly an honor to learn from such a knowledgeable woman.

– Michelle B.

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