I am a 30 year old, single, Afro-Latina living a quiet life in Houston Texas.  I moved here back in 2013, but I’m originally from New York.  I come from a large, loud, and loving Dominican family.  They are my world, so I try to go back home to NYC at least twice a year and maintain regular contact.


Me with the family at my god daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

I am a workaholic and have dedicated my life to transforming the lives of students and later teachers and schools as a whole.  I started as an elementary school teacher and later became an assistant principal.

I find joy in volunteering and being an active member of my church community. I feel we are all called to serve on some level and hope to go on my first mission trip very soon.

I enjoy spending my down time working on creating a beautiful home, one DIY project at a time.  I also pole dance (nope I’m not a stripper) and like to sew. I’m no expert at any of them, but enjoy making time to practice these skills.

Getting to see the world is a goal of mine so I very much enjoy traveling and exploring new places. For my birthday one year I spent a month traveling around Europe solo. It was a wonderful experience and highly recommend everyone travel alone at least once in their life lifetime.

In route to see Colosseum in Rome.

I take calculated risks and at times leaps of faith to try to get closer to creating the life I know I can have.  So far this has meant changing jobs every two years, buying my first home on my own, moving across the country, and adopting a stray dog.  I am grateful for all of my previous decisions because whether good or bad, they have made me the woman I am today.

My dog Charlie, who I love dearly.