In 2013 I found myself hating my job, hating my living conditions, and unfulfilled in my personal life.  As a Christian I prayed about my situation and told God that I would not be making any moves without Him.  I quit my job as a teacher and waited for God to come through. I literally went on summer vacation and did not apply for one job or research any companies.  I trusted that God would make the answer so clear that I would have no choice but to listen.  Now I’m not encouraging you all to go do that, but I was just in that place in my life that I could only rely on my faith to pull me through. 

God spoke.  I received a call from a friend/mentor that said there were opportunities in Texas for someone like me.  She had just been promoted and become the principal of a middle school and wanted me to consider a district level position where I would support her teachers regularly.  Now I had doubts about the position, the role I would play, my own abilities, and most of all serving in a middle school (kids are the worst at that age).  But one thing was clear, Texas would be where I could make my dream life a reality. So I did the next natural thing and learned to drive lol.  I’m a New Yorker, we take the subway.  Within a month I was packing my things and moving across the country with no job waiting for me.  I was fortunate to have family living there that were gracious enough to house me while I secured a position.

While I did not end up taking the position that my mentor mentioned, I did end up where I belonged. It took longer than expected and was no walk in the park.  To be exact it took nine months  of living in a  former home office with a married couple and their child and working three jobs at a time, but I eventually managed to land my dream job (at that moment), move into an apartment in my desired location, and was living the life I knew I was worthy of having.  

So now I write to encourage all of you to envision your dream life and truly believe that God wants to grant you your desires.

I started blogging as a way to get my thoughts out on a much bigger project I had in mind.  I envisioned a goal setting and crushing social outlet that supports the attainment of life experiences and individual desires.  In a session, with my coach, yes I have a life coach, she said: “Why don’t you write a blog?”  It was so simple yet so genius that I was a little mad that I hadn’t started already.  Granted I did have a desire to start a blog prior to our conversation, but couldn’t figure out what to write about.  I didn’t cook, took too long to complete DIY projects to keep steady interest, and I didn’t care enough about fashion or makeup or whatever other people are blogging about.  But vision casting, dreaming big, goal crushing, that I could talk about for days.  I’m obsessed with setting goals, writing to do list and checking items off.  I invested in a planner to help me keep my goals at the forefront and even hired a coach when my finances were yelling at me to sell the house or find a roommate. I just believe we are worth investing in our futures.

I believe we are all capable of having these amazing fulfilling lives that we construct through our daily practices.  I write to encourage everyone to really go for what they want and stop thinking that their desires are too big or unattainable.   Be a constructor of your life.  

Like my coach Gabriela says “Are you at effect or of affect?”  This means, are you constructing your reality or are simply reacting to it?  Do you own your experiences or are you failing to take responsibility for the fact that you are the master of your world?  I want to encourage all of you to fearlessly step out on faith and do what you must to make your dreams happen.

This blog will guide you through activities that help you define your goals and outline a map to reach them.  At the end of each post, I include a “moving forward” task to get you one step closer.  To get the full value of the blog, be sure to read the oldest posts first and move through each task accordingly. I hope you will join me and take on the challenge of dreaming big and living out your goals.  

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Happy Goal Getting!