Feel like you need to make a major change in your life, but you don’t know where to start?

I was there.

I knew I deserved more joy, peace of mind, wealth, and love in my life than what was currently showing up.

I thought traveling for a month would cure me, but it didn’t. I thought moving across the country would do it, but it didn’t. I thought the source of my unhappiness was my job, so I quit. But still, this persistent desire to start living the life I was called to was there.

It wasn’t until I finally got clear on what I wanted, took action to make it happen, and got accountability that I was able to find inner peace and a sense of balance that I so desperately wanted.

I’m Jeneffer, a certified professional coach, who now works with women like you to help bring about change in their lives.

Jeneffer Joe of livingoutgoals.com


Like me, most of my clients are professional women experiencing burnout due to being overworked.  They find their lives revolving around their jobs 24/7. They crave balance, loving relationships, and joy.

I work to help them find pleasure in the work they do, by setting new boundaries and infusing joy in their day.

Sometimes this means helping them transition to new careers they’ve previously been too afraid to pursue.

If you have been struggling to find your next move, allow me to help you.  Start living out your goals by scheduling a free mini coaching session.

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