Common money advice I am tired of hearing: Don’t buy coffee, make it at home. Don’t eat out, cook at home. Don’t buy expensive clothing and shoes. Don’t spend money ever! LOL
I have consumed enough of the no no no buying advice I can take. I implemented a shopping ban on clothing and shoes for a year, don’t eat out much (once or twice a month), and have cut expenses wherever possible.

With so much out there about not spending, it makes you wonder what is worth spending your money on? The answer to that is personal and every response is worthy because these are things that matter to you. In this post, I share my top 8 investments as I approach 2018. I hope you will be inspired to create a list of things that you are willing to invest in despite the Mustachians (followers of super frugal Mr. Money Mustache) of the world telling you otherwise.

I love Ramit Sethi’s phrase of “a rich life is one on your terms.” It’s when you spend on what matters to you most and cut cost on those things that don’t add value. So while I am working hard right now I don’t want to be working to pay a car note and over $30 in gas when I have to fill up. So I will be downgrading from my SUV to an older gas efficient economy cash car. I will downgrade from a 2500 sq ft home to a one bedroom apartment. All this so that I can afford to invest in what matters to me most. Because what good is working hard and making money if you can’t spend it the way you would like to. says you are worth investing in these 8 life changers


8 Things I am Investing in:

I have passed up on a few online courses worried that they cost too much or may not be worth the money. But I am committed to investing in learning fast and what better way than to get the info from those that have done it before you. A few hundred dollars well worth it if it will save me time and money in the long run.  So this year I will join Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy and Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch course.

I have always dreamed of being one of those girls that has a fresh manicure and pedicure. Once every two weeks is good enough if I get shellac on my fingernails. So that’s a total of $110 every month being added to the budget.
I often crave a massage and tell myself it’s a luxury I can’t afford. Well not anymore. Every month I want to alternate between a massage and facial. At my age, these are investments in your well-being and maintaining my appearance which is essentials if I am ever going to get married.


Oh, the difference a quality night’s rest makes on your body and mind. It’s as if you awake ready to take on the world with a smile. So I am investing in items and systems that will help me get a better night’s sleep. For starters, I am getting myself a wonderful bed and pillow. Yes, the pillows matter too. I am also finally buying myself some blackout curtains now that I won’t need to wake up before the sun. I also want to ensure I am getting at least seven hours of sleep each night and will implement a bedtime.  Is there something that will give you a daily return on your investment?  If there is, go for it.

I will finally take that much-awaited trip to Mexico and maybe even Thailand in 2018. I want to explore the world so that means taking several trips every year. My goal is at least one international trip and two domestic in 2018. I hope to increase this to two international trips every year after that.

Social Outings
Experiences have been proven to bring more joy than tangible objects, therefore, I want to invest in going out with friends and building relationships.  At my age, this often happens over dinner at nice places or over drinks at cool bars.  Feeling like I am connecting with people outside of work is worth the $50 bill.

Personal Growth
I have been listening to Tony Robbins for years now and want to go to a live event. But I say it’s just too expensive. Not anymore. Ideally, I want to return to having a life coach, but at the very least attend a seminar like Unleash the Power Within.  I’m always working towards self-improvement.

Growing my business
I went through all the paperwork to get an LLC and hesitated when they asked me to cough up $350. If I want to be a businesswoman I must have a real business, which means there will be some costs associated with this. Moving forward I want to see such costs as an investment in building my empire. This year I commit to investing at least $1,000 in the business. Not a lot by any means, but it is a start.

It is a source of enjoyment, pride, and a great way to stay active. If I am to be an amazing dancer of four different types of dance then I better start getting great at one now. I think I will begin with salsa and bring pole dancing back into the picture. The cost is anywhere from $60 a month to $300.

I do believe in being financially cautious so that we are aware of how and on what we are spending our money on. But at some point you want to spend that money you worked so hard for, so what will you spend it on? Whatever that may be, make sure it is what brings you joy and helps you move towards becoming your ideal self.

Moving Forward: Please comment on what you will invest in this year.

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Invest In Yourself: 8 Things I Will Pay for in 2018
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2 thoughts on “Invest In Yourself: 8 Things I Will Pay for in 2018

  • October 1, 2017 at 11:05 pm

    Love this post! I love that you’re setting goals, but beyond that I know you will achieve them!

    • October 2, 2017 at 9:28 pm

      Thanks for the encouragement!


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