I am a girl obsessed with making list. As far back as I can remember I was making a Christmas wish list, back to school shopping list, or later in life my task or grocery list.  I LOVE LISTS.  My favorite list to make even as a child was my New Year’s resolutions list. Each year presented an opportunity to make something great happen.  I would add such things like complete the school year with a 4.0, travel to two new places, or save $10,000; all of which did come to fruition. While there were times when items would roll over to the next year’s list, I was always proud of the progress I made towards their attainment when reflecting on the past 365 days. Those lists really helped me stay focused each year.


I was recently reminded of the importance of these “lists” or “resolutions” which I now refer to as goals, while listening to a book.  “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”  I heard this in The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy.  It is such a great book to listen to; I’m all about that audible life.  He makes some great points and really inspired me to reconsider setting goals in multiple areas of my life not just annual resolutions.   Similarly Ruth Soukup talks about setting “stretch goals” which are meant to be met a few years down the line rather than short-term annual objectives.

The importance of writing of these life goals is understood by Hardy, Soukup, and my favorite…Tony Robbins because before you can reach any goal you have to know what it is.  So often we say things we want, but don’t really take the time to clearly define life goals and more importantly WHY we want them.  This week I want you to consider the goals you have for yourself in a few key areas of your life, write them down in a compelling way, and define WHY you want to reach these goals.  Remember, we dream big So aim high.

Before you can act you need to know which direction to move in. Stop and write goals down.

Let’s get started!  Consider your ideal life as it relates to these four categories: Finances, Relationships (romantic or family), Career, and Personal Development.  Think in terms of the next five years and write down what your dream life looks like as it relates to the previously mentioned. For example…

Finances Relationships Career Personal Development
·         I make $250,000 a year

·         I’m Consistently saving 10%, giving 10%, and investing 20%

·         I owe 100,000 or less on the mortgage

·         I am completely credit card debt free

·         I have paid off my school loans

·         I own my car

·         I’m on target to retire at age 40

·         I am happily married and have at least a daughter  (the boy is in the near future)

·         I connect with my extended family through weekly visits/outings and daily communication

·         I have a group of close friends that I see bi-weekly

·         My husband and I have weekly date nights and are always working to strengthen our relationship

·         I have published my first book

·         I own a successful business that adds immense value to those that use my services.

·         I work only four days a week for a maximum of 20 hours total

·         I love my job and never feel like it is work.

·         I am working on developing my nonprofit organization


·         I have an amazing body and strong mind that allows me to not only stay true to my goals but motivates others daily

·         I serve others regularly and take annual mission trips

·         I am a world traveler

·         I speak four languages

·         I live my Christian values every day

·         I am a skilled dancer, well-trained in four different types of dance


While my current reality is far from this, I have outlined what I want my life to be like in five years. I’ll be 100% transparent, I currently work over 55 hours a week and make $60,000 a year, I am very single and have been for the past 7 years (don’t judge me), I haven’t taken a dance class in almost two years, and wasn’t that good to begin with.

I’m believing that I will meet these goals because I know why these matter to me, hence I’ll be more willing to make their achievement a reality. Knowing your why is the key to keeping you motivated throughout the process.  Darren Hardy says that it is not will power, but why power that makes us follow through.  Tony Robbins says that we get our must and once your goals become a must for you and you raise your standards, you will follow through.


So what is going to keep me focused and working towards these goals?  Well, making $250,000 to me means that I have sufficient funds to support myself and my household without feeling burdened.  It means being able to take regular vacations and getting out of debt and staying out. It equals a very comfortable lifestyle with help from a nanny, chef, maid etc. A healthy marriage means a life partner to share experiences with, help with financial responsibilities, and a source of love.  Children mean that my legacy will continue through these amazing beings that I give the world. Connecting with family and friends mean I have a strong support system.  Working for myself means the flexibility I crave, the ability to be as creative as I like, and a source of pride in my abilities.  Becoming a published author means getting my story out to the world and inspiring others.  Limiting how much I work means putting the focus on family and enjoying time with loved ones. The development of a nonprofit means helping others and thinking beyond just myself; contributing to the world that has given me so much.  My personal goals are a source of joy for me and how I believe I will remain grounded and happy regardless of what is going on in the world around me.

I’m excited just writing about it!

Once we have the vision and understand our why, we can then move towards creating smaller action items for this year, develop routines/daily practices that will ensure that we are making progress, and track our advancement.

But first, what would you want your life to look like in five years?

Moving Forward: Think about what your ideal life looks like.  Write what you’re financial, relationship, professional, and personal goals are.  Remember think beyond your current situation, a lot can change in five years so go on and dream big.



Define and Write Your Goals
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