In my earlier post, I shared my vision for the next five years.  I have to say, I’m feeling a bit remorseful about having shared so much. And I’m feeling like maybe I aimed too high on the desired salary.  But, I rather go big and land somewhere near there, than think small and end up right where I am today.  Now I have all of you watching to see where I actually land on the goal achievement scale in 2022. Yikes!  Talk about accountability.  But I know that this simply means I have a lot of work to do.

Today I take that five-year plan and break it down into my annual goals; and then even smaller into monthly checkpoints.  For example, in five years I will be happily married with at least one child and another on the way (I got real specific there lol). So that means that this year my annual goal is to be in a committed relationship.  Now this is challenging considering I’ve been single for the past seven years…Don’t judge me.

So I have my five-year goal, my annual goal, and now I have to make sure that I’m making progress towards this goal all year-long.

There’s an exercise I do with my coach that I just love. It’s so simple and gets me so pumped up every time.  It’s simply backwards planning by thinking of key milestones.  We think of my goals for this year and think of where I need to be each month leading up to that date.  These serve as checkpoints to make sure the goals remain at the forefront and that I make progress each month.  For example, I will be in a committed, monogamous relationship by August 4, 2017.  So that means my reverse milestones are:

July 4th: My partner and I are attending an event where we socialize with people who matter to us like family or close friends.

June 4th: My partner and I are going to church together.

May 4th: My partner and I are taking a weekend trip together.

April 4th: I am inviting my future partner to my house for dinner. (Me cooking is a big deal. I am not the domestic type.)

Don’t be afraid to dream big. But make sure you plan small to achieve your goals. Get guidance at

We then discuss actions I will take to make this a reality, because I am the creator of my life.  Since I want to achieve this goal, I commit to attending social events where I could meet this future partner and now that I am behind schedule, I have also committed to joining an online dating site. I truly am not the cyber dating type; but hey, it provides the potential of meeting a future mate 100 times more than cuddling in bed with my dog Charlie will, so I am doing it.

The key is to commit. Tony Robbins says, “Decide, commit, and resolve.” Once you decide that it’s what you want, you must make it a MUST and make it happen by any means necessary. There can be no other option. So I’ve committed to being dedicated to improving my love life; I’m reading “Attracting Lasting Love” to better understand what barriers I currently have in place, I force myself to go out at least twice a month to social events to expand my circle,  and I made an eHarmony profile and am initiating conversations. Why?  Because I know that I was made to love and share my life with someone. I know that having a partner will help me immensely financially (Yeah I said it! the bills need to be paid and two incomes are way better than one). I also know that I want to raise children with a partner….and a nanny. I  urge you to decide, commit, and resolve to do what is necessary to move you closer to the life of your dreams.”

Remember have a big vision for the next five years, then think about your smaller goal for this year and the checkpoints for the next 12 months. You’ve got to know your outcome and why you want this. Remember your “WHY” is what will drive you to do things that may seem uncomfortable and make you push through when it gets rough; so spend some time understanding the greater purpose of this goal and what it means for your life.

Moving Forward: Looking at your goals for the next five years, what would you say are realistic goals for this year? Outline a measurable, time-sensitive goal for the next 12 months. Use my milestones format to backwards plan what checkpoints you’ll use to measure your progress towards that goal. Then start brainstorming actions that you can commit to that will get you there.

Have a Big Vision, Take Little Steps
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  • I believe in you! Mr. Perfect is right around the corner! 🙂 Now I’ve just got to backwards plan my own life to find my own Mr. Right! lol!

  • Thanks for the support. I know you’ll find yours too. Stay tuned for posts in the love and relationships category for more support with this.

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