“A daily routine built on good habits is what makes the difference that separates the most successful among us from everyone else.” Thanks, Darren Hardy of The Compound Effect for that profound tip.  But part of me feels like I knew this for a while already, but for some reason can’t seem to execute the way I’d like to.  For example, how many years have I been working towards just getting on a regular sleep schedule, learning to make the bed as soon as I wake up, or setting my clothes out the night before so I have a smoother morning the next day. Why is following through so difficult?  Well, maybe if I didn’t start and stop and then have to start all over again, I could make some real progress.  Consistency is key.

The truth is our habits have the power to help us meet our goals or steer us in the opposite direction. Because “What you do every day matters more than what you do once a year.”  So my goal is to develop new habits that will serve me and get rid of those that don’t.  Now obviously I have some good habits around spending or work ethics which have helped me get to where I am now. But, there are so many areas of my life I want to improve; so there are some habits that I need to consider incorporating or saying goodbye to. If you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll get the same result you always have…whether it’s good or bad.

Robin Sharma says that one day is our life in miniature and that if we could just get the next 24 hours right we would succeed in life. Our habits will make all the difference in our life journey.  While easier said than done; it is possible to get just a bit better each day, week, or month.

So the first thing I do when considering the habits I have or need to learn is to envision my dream life. I look at my long-term goals (five-year vision), then ask, “Who would I have to become to have this life?”  When thinking of the life I am working to create I knew that this better me needed to be disciplined. My perfect self would need a lot of energy to be able to make the most of each day.  She would be great with money, would spend time loving her family and keep a beautiful home that was always ready for company.  So I chose the habits that would help develop these qualities within myself now.

If I wanted more energy I must start the day right. This means ensuring I get enough rest each night by going to bed at 10:30, committing to exercising for five minutes daily as soon as I wake up, drinking 5 glasses of water daily, and walking with Charlie at least once a day for 20 minutes. All of the above mentioned also contribute to my goal of a strong body.  And will preserve my sexy.

If I wanted to be debt free and wealthy I had to be even more intentional with my money than before, I would stop shopping because I was bored, save and invest NOW, and NEVER use credit cards.

It’s these little changes in our daily life that allow us to see progress and get momentum to take on those big dreams.

Please don’t think this means you have to go and change everything you do, because that will not last long. Find simple wins each day and track your progress towards developing the new habit.

So friends, let’s put the past behind us and commit to moving forward each day.

Moving Forward:  Take a few minutes to consider the person you have to become to achieve your goals. In what areas of your life do you need to be more disciplined? Consider what negative habits contribute to keeping you where you are? What habits could you adopt each day, each week, each month that would contribute to propelling you towards becoming your best self?



Baby Steps Keep You Moving Forward
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