Thanks for joining me on this journey of self-reflection and exploration to get to what you really want in life. If you’ve been with me from the beginning and have taken on the moving forward challenges, we have defined our big goals, outlined this year’s target, and created monthly milestones to help us track our progress. We then identified the daily habits that align to the person we need to become to achieve these goals.  If you haven’t done this, I highly recommend you go back and read from the beginning.  But for those of you that are ready, let’s take a look at the daily practices I’ve adopted, or am working to adopt, to live my perfect life.  As you see in the image above, I have daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities and tasks that connect to my larger goals.

Start Small

I think it is critical to start small and work your way up to the ideal amount of times you want to work out or how many glasses of water you drink in a day etc. Whatever those areas are for you.  If you go too hard in the beginning, you’ll burn out and stop. Remember we want to avoid the stop and go and just maintain a steady and consistent pace from the beginning. So to help you I’ve included a few things to consider when taking on this next step.

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Tips to successfully incorporate a new habit into your already crazy life:

  1. Remember to link the new habit directly to one of your goals. This will give you the WHY power you need to keep going when it gets difficult.  Keeping the bigger picture at the forefront by reviewing that vision board helps you push through when you really want to throw in the towel.
  2. Find something simple that you can add to your morning or nightly routine.

For example, I began with making the bed. Yup, I never made the bed before and it was a simple thing I could do to create a lovely home.

  1. Only pick a handful of habits to begin with.

It is so tempting to outline a new two-hour routine in the morning and three-hour routine at night that is designed to propel you to achieving the five-year goals in only five months. Except that it won’t last. Developing a new habit is hard! Being consistent with something you’ve never done before takes a lot of WHY power. So work to incorporate more habits when you are certain that a few have really stuck. This means you do it every single day for at least a month…even on weekends.

  1. Track your progress.

Use my free L.O.G habit tracker, mark it in your calendar, make a poster and hang it somewhere you can see it daily; do whatever it takes to keep you focused on it and checking it off.

  1. Celebrate when you are successful.

Oh how sweet victory feels. When you have been successful in doing your habit for a week, two weeks, three weeks, a month, three months, etc. Have a plan for how you will reward yourself. I love being able to justify a day of pampering. But be reasonable, the longer you’ve done it, the bigger the reward. Do this until you no longer have to even think about it because it’s just who you are now.  Like I’m someone that makes the bed now! *Does victory dance* LOL

Remember to give yourself some grace in this process. Do not get discouraged because this is the hard part. Instead, think of each day as a new opportunity to do even better than the day before.  I believe my aunt Illyn said it best, “We all make mistakes, fail at something or want to change, but we get stuck with how it was and what we did in the past. So to kill negative talk, tell yourself moving forward this is what I can do.  And each day I will move forward because I am a different person today because of my experience from yesterday.  Be positive in your quest of moving forward.”  So each day just dust yourself off and try again.

Moving Forward:

Use a tracking tool to outline the habits you’ve decided to incorporate or give up.  Subscribe and get my FREE habit tracking log.  Think of a habit for each of the goal categories (financial, relationships, career, and personal development).  Consider daily habits, weekly, and monthly tasks that will guide you to achieving the annual goals you’ve set. Remember to use your monthly milestones to guide you as well.


5 Tips to Help That Habit Stick
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