Are You Ready to Make a Change?

You’ve been thinking about a career transition for some time, you have a grand vision of what you want, but it feels unrealistic.

After years of being in the same industry, you feel stuck.

It’s hard to picture yourself doing anything else. It’s not what your degree is in.

And you have no idea how to get started.

Worse of all, what if you don’t succeed?

That’s ok because you are here.

I’m Jen, an expert life and career coach.

But you might also call me your work-life balance and get shit done guide.

I help overworked professionals leave their stressful jobs to pursue their passions.

Have you been putting off going after your goals?

I’m here to tell you, YOU CAN GET STARTED RIGHT NOW.

There’s a better way to live and I’m going to show you how.  

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What Clients Are Saying

Jen is an incredible coach who really helped me get my life in order. I work as a Chiropractor and I was feeling burnt out, working so many hours and feeling like I had no time for myself. Jen helped me realize that the majority of my limitations were self-imposed. Week by week, I worked to improve my work schedule and personal life and I have truly achieved lots of balance. She helped me make time to go after some of my bigger dreams. With her help, I became Certified Life Coach and now have a growing practice. Jen provides so much value and I am a better person for working with her.

Dr. Alex Mailis

I had several goals I wanted to achieve but didn’t have the confidence to start or an efficient process to follow through on them. In addition, I was in a very difficult season and lacked inner strength and confidence so I reached out to Jeneffer. She’s proven to be a powerful teacher, motivator, and an inspiring coach. Jeneffer has helped me to improve my productivity, self-confidence, and self-accountability. Step by step, I’ve quickly achieved goals that previously took me months and years just thinking about them. She’s been a blessing and friend – and it’s truly an honor to learn from such a knowledgeable woman.

Michelle B.

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